The Best Hotels in Brooklyn Actually Feel Like Brooklyn (2024)

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Each MICHELIN Key-winning hotel in Brooklyn reflects the very best of the borough.

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The Best Hotels in Brooklyn Actually Feel Like Brooklyn (1)

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Along the banks of the East River in Brooklyn, the yellow letters of Domino Sugar crown a landmark building with origins in 1856. This is the Domino Sugar Factory. 240-feet tall, it is known by every Brooklyner: its iconic, red-brick frame unmissable. 20 years ago, it stopped refining sugar. In 2024, it has been remade into an office building. Below it, the newly built park that shares its name is a bright swath of green on the waterfront.

Historically industrial, currently rejuvenated: this is today’s Brooklyn.

In April 2024, the MICHELIN Guide announced its very first MICHELIN Keys, a distinction — like the MICHELIN Star for restaurants — that denotes the most outstanding hotels in the world. In Brooklyn, three hotels gained Keys. A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable. But today, parts of Brooklyn rival even the glitziest corners of Manhattan.Williamsburg is as trendy and teeming with energy as the East Village. Little neighborhoods like Boerum Hill are thriving with antique stores and coffee shops, like Greenwich Village with more elbow room. Dumbo is a historic waterfront with almost no comparison

The very best hotels in these neighborhoods — the Key award winners — are grounded in Brooklyn history. We mean that literally. The building that hosts the Wythe once made sugar barrels for the Domino Factory. At the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, reclaimed pine from that same landmark now serves as tables and benches around the lobby and guest rooms.

Spread between three distinct neighborhoods, the Key hotels in Brooklyn are mainstays of their communities, full to the brim with work by local artists, multiple bars and restaurants, other common spaces, and magnificent bedrooms that reflect the fantasy version of how the locals live — and with much better views.

In other words, these hotels simply feel like Brooklyn.

The Best Hotels in Brooklyn Actually Feel Like Brooklyn (2)

Wythe Hotel

Style: Warehouse chic
Atmosphere: Trendy, happening
Perfect for: Your base in Williamsburg

The Wythe is the upscale fantasy of the industrial aesthetic of north Brooklyn, where former factories and warehouses transform into artist lofts and chic restaurants. Put simply: it’s extremely cool. Expect concrete floors, wood ceilings, and brick walls in this former barrel factory, along with fantastic views of either the East River or Brooklyn. Opened in 2012, the Wythe has been a cornerstone of this neighborhood for more than a decade, its rooftop bar among the most glamorous spots for a drink and its restaurant, Le Crocodile, an obvious neighborhood favorite. You’ll want to make reservations at the same time you book — these are popular places.

If you’ve never been to Brooklyn but you’ve seen it lightly teased in movies or television, Williamsburg is what you’re picturing. This is the neighborhood that gave hipster a new meaning in the early aughts, the handlebar mustache capital of the world. These days, it’s outgrown much of its grungy alternativeness, and can feel about as popular and exclusive as any neighborhood in Manhattan. Rent a Citi Bike and ride to the riverfront, or simply walk around and pop into any number of boutiques, restaurants, or bars.

Restaurants Nearby: Laser Wolf, KRU, Rule of Thirds, Nura, HOUSE Brooklyn, Restaurant Yuu, Pierozek

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The Best Hotels in Brooklyn Actually Feel Like Brooklyn (3)

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Style: Contemporary, eco-conscious
Atmosphere: Upscale
Perfect for: Rooftop Vibes

In Dumbo — one of the must-visit neighborhoods for those new to Brooklyn, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is a tenant of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the gorgeous swatch of green space, basketball courts, and little patches of sand on the East River. So it’s not surprising that this hotel is as committed to sustainability as any in the city. Step into the lobby and you’re greeted with a wall — no exaggeration — of greenery, an installation that requires the work of dedicated landscapers who visit each day. Notice too the staircase, with its suspended wires that mimic the nearby Brooklyn Bridge. Rooms are all sleek, contemporary design, some with their own filtered water stations built into the walls, and floor-to-ceiling windows that slide open for bursts of fresh air. We love too the little rock gardens as decor.

We could rave about the special design that fills the hotel, but we’d run out of space to mention the 11th floor rooftop, with among the best views in Brooklyn, and a vibey, music-filled bar and lounge area. If you’re a hotel guest, the loungers at the rooftop pool are just for you. Otherwise, you can book a table with pool access for a minimum of $200/person (four person minimum). Downstairs, there’s a coffee shop with healthy smoothies and a restaurant, the Osprey, with indoor and outdoor seating and a bustling weekend brunch service.

Restaurants Nearby:
The River Cafe, Inga’s Bar, Clover Hill, Carne Mare

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The Best Hotels in Brooklyn Actually Feel Like Brooklyn (4)

Ace Hotel Brooklyn

Style: Cutting-edge
Atmosphere: Social
Perfect for: Exploring Brooklyn

You can’t give the Ace Hotels enough credit for the way they’ve changed hospitality — their original space in Seattle became the city’s living room, and they’ve extended that mission of community and gathering across the world. In downtown Brooklyn, they’ve created another wonderful gathering place, filled with locals, various activations, and a focus on Brooklyn art that extends throughout the hotel. In rooms, expect a simple, streamlined style with setting-appropriate touches (vinyls, record players, guitars).

Most of the action is in the lobby — a bustling room packed with dark decor that serves as the office space for dozens of Brooklyners on their laptops. At night, it becomes a swanky bar filled with dates and friends lounging on leather couches. On the same floor is As You Are, an American restaurant with its own a bakery window for grab and go breakfast — as well as a surprising little garden nook, a bonus space for reading or sipping.

The immediate block ofSchermerhorn Street that hosts theAce is more of a thoroughfare than a destination outside of the hotel, but it’s a short walk from some of the most charming neighborhoods (Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights) in Brooklyn, and steps from A, C, and G subway stations that make it a breeze to head elsewhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Restaurants Nearby:Mile End, Fradei, Miss Ada, Saint Julivert Fisherie

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The Best Hotels in Brooklyn Actually Feel Like Brooklyn (5)

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