Medical Evacuation Insurance - Medevac Insurance Comparison (2024)

Why is Medical Evacuation Insurance Important?

No one wants to consider what could happen if they become sick or injured while traveling. However, emergencies arise, and illness and injury can happen anywhere. If a patient is hospitalized while traveling, and is so critically ill that they need to be transferred to another higher level of care facility,or if a hospitalized patient wishes to continue in-patient care at a facility closer to their home, amedical evacuation (sometimes called medevac, medivac, or med evac)is required.

Typical health insurance policies may provideno, orlimited,coverage whenyou aretraveling overseas. It is wise to purchase a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan to cover emergency carecosts, but most of these plans do notcover a medical evacuation to get you home. Most travelmedicalpolicies willcover medical evacuation to the“nearest acceptable facility”, but that’s likely where you’ll stay until you are well enough to be repatriated home by commercial airline. Getting home for further treatment and recovery, to a hospital ofyourchoice, is typically not covered. That's what programs like Medjet do. And it can cost you, out of pocket, up to $30,000 for a domestic medical transport, and up to $180,000 for an international transport to get there.

Getting you transported to your hospital at home is what Medjet does.

Medjet is now transporting globally for COVID-19. (Click HEREfor full details).

Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Medical Evacuation Insurance Policy

  • Does the plan allow you to be evacuated to the hospital of your choosing or just the closest appropriate facility?
  • Who makes the decision if you will be evacuated?
  • Are there restrictions for adventure travel or engaging in extreme activities (such as skydiving)?
  • Does the plan exclude any preexisting conditions?
  • Does the plan place a cap on how much coverage it will provide for a medical evacuation?
  • Does the plan have age restrictions?
  • Does the plan cover COVID?

The Best Emergency Insurance isn’t Insurance at All

Medjet is amedical transport membership program, that provides you with elevated coverage and control over where you are treated. We pick up where health insurance, travel insurance (or platinum level credit cards, if that's the evacuation coverage you rely on) leave off. As amembershipprogram, Medjet offers more options,more choice,betterservice…and better value.

Simply put, if you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home domestically or internationally, Medjetwill arrange bedside-to-bedside air medical transportand medical repatriation to the home country hospital of your choice. It’s that easy. No claim forms, no transport cost caps, no insurancehassles, no surprise bills later. All you ever pay is your membership fee—nothing more.

With Medjet, there is no application process (under age 75), no adventure travel exclusions, and no pre-existing conditions exclusions. We have 24/7 access to hundreds of air ambulances and commercial medical escorts around the globe. Read our COVID-19 transport benefits here.

When it comes to relying on the limited services of an emergency medical evacuation insurance provider or adding the elevated services of Medjet, the choice is clear—Medjet.


Medical Evacuation Insurance - Medevac Insurance Comparison (2024)
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