Guide to Greggor Lord of the moon artifact and mastery (2024)

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Mastery, grace and artifact guide to Greggor Lord de lune (Dune Lord Greggor) on RSL

Guide to Greggor Lord of the moon artifact and mastery (1)


NAME: Greggor Lord de lune
FACTION: Barbarians
SCARCITY: Legendary
ROLE: Defense

Total Stats (6 Stars)

Health points (HP): 19485
Attack (ATK): 793
Defense (DEF): 1487
Speed (SPD): 105
Critical Rate (C. Rate): 15%
Crit Damage (C. DMG): 50%
Debuff Resistance (RES): 50
Debuff Accuracy (ACC): 7

Battle of the

Campaign :☆☆☆☆

Faction Crypt:?

Arena defense:?

Arena attack:?

Clan Boss:

Hydra :☆☆☆☆


Minotaur's Labyrinth :?

Spider's lair:☆☆

Castle of the Fire Knight :☆☆☆☆

The dragon's lair:☆☆

Ice Golem Peak:

Fort Jumeaux de Fer :?

Demon Necropolis:☆☆☆

Shogun Wood:☆☆☆


Wave Tower of Woe:?

Magma Dragon:✔️

Frost Spider:✔️

Spider of nothingness (poison):👍

Scarab :👍

(Doom Tower)

Dragon Eternel :✔️

Griffon :?


Dark Fairy :👍

Secret room :?

Annotations :
"Mandatory - Strongly recommended = ✔️
Usable - recommended = 👍
Unusable - not recommended =

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Skills of : Greggor Lord of the moon

A1 = Desert axe

Attack an enemy. Has 50% chance to place a debuff [Provocation] for 1 turn.

  • Lvl. 2 Damage +5%
  • Lvl. 3 Damage +5%
  • Lvl. 4 Damage +5%
  • Lvl. 5 Damage +5%

Damage based on :DEF

A2 = Split the earth | CD = 4 turns

Attack all enemies.

Reduces the duration of all enemy buffs by 1 turn, then increases the duration of all allied buffs by 1 turn.

Also places a buff on all allies [Shield] for 2 turns, equivalent to 20% of the Champion's MAX VPs.

  • Lvl. 2 Damage +10%
  • Lvl. 3 Damage +10%
  • Lvl. 4 Cooldown -1

Damage based on :ATQ

A3 = Bestial howling | CD = 6 turns

Place a buff [ATK Increase] of 50% and a buff [Increase PRE] of 50% on all allies for 2 turns.

Barbarian unity

  • 1 Faction ally :

Reduces the cooldown of all allied skills, except those of this Champion, by 1 turn.

  • 2 Faction allies:

Fills the Turn Counter of all 20% allies.

  • 3 Faction allies:

Activates an effect [Instant turn] on the ally with the highest C. DEG, except this Champion.

  • Lvl. 2 Cooldown -1
  • Lvl. 3 Cooldown -1

[P] Desert monolith

When attacked, has 20% debuff chance [Provocation] on the attacker for 1 turn. Occurs once per strike.

Barbarian unity

  • 1 Faction ally :

Allies inflict 25% more damage on enemies under debuffs [Stun], [Sleep], [Fear], [Absolute Fear], [Provocation], [Freeze] and [Petrification]. If several Champions in the team have this Skill, the effect will only be activated once.

  • 2 Faction allies:

Allies ignore 50% of target RES when applying debuffs [Stun], [Sleep], [Fear], [Absolute Fear], [Provocation], [Freeze] and [Petrification].

  • 3 Faction allies:

During a counter-attack, instant effects and debuffs placed by allied skills cannot be blocked and cannot be resisted.


Increases DEFENSE, PRECISION in all battles by 25 - 40

Which artifacts / set for: Greggor Lord de lune (Dune Lord Greggor)

Artifacts BEFORE sets! Always the most important thing to know! We explain it in real detail in the ebook available here:

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Which set for: Greggor Lord de lune

Set of equipment that I advise you on the champion: (Finishing a set is a bonus, not an obligation)

  • Speed, Perception, Protection, Guardian

Which statistics should I look for first: Greggor Lord de lune

Priority of stats and sub-stats of artifacts:

  • Speed, HP%, DEF%, Resistance
    • Weapon (Attack)
    • Helmet (HP)
    • Shield (Defense)
    • Gloves ()
    • Torso ()
    • Boots ()
    • Ring ()
    • Amulet ()
    • Banner()

Which masteries for Dune Lord Greggor?

What you need to know about master's degrees.

We give you advice on mastery. These master's degrees will help you in 95 % of cases, but you have to try to understand why a particular choice was made. The best thing would be to understand why certain masteries have been recommended to you, so that you can modify 1 or 2 masteries in your choice according to your needs.

Which Grace for Dune Lord Greggor?

We advise you :

  • Guide to Greggor Lord of the moon artifact and mastery (2)Cruelty

Story of Greggor Lord de lune

Release date :


How to get Greggor Moon Lord

You can have the champion: Antique Splinters, Sacred Splinters

List of buffs and debuff of : Greggor Lord of the moon

Team buffs list:

The buffs the champion puts on the whole team:

  • Shield, +50% accuracy, +50% attack

The champion's debuff list:

The debuffs the champion puts on opponents:

  • Provocation

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Guide to Greggor Lord of the moon artifact and mastery (2024)
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