2024 primary election endorsem*nts (2024)

U.S. Congress

U.S. Senate Democratic Primary: JACKY ROSEN*

Building relationships across the political aisle isn’t easy, especially in the current era of MAGA-fueled divisiveness. But for Jacky Rosen, the task is never too great.

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In her first term in the U.S. Senate, she demonstrated that the effort is worth the reward.

Earlier this month, and for the third year in a row, Rosen was recognized as being among the top 10 most bipartisan Senators by the Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. Previously she was recognized by the nonpartisan CQ Roll Call as one of the top three most independent Democratic Senators for her 2023 voting record.

Her willingness to think independently, break with party lines and build relationships across the political aisle led Rosen to be named the 7th most effective Democrat in the U.S. Senate, according to the Center for Effective Lawmaking—an unprecedented honor for a first-term senator.

Her deliverables have benefitted every region of the state and include billions of dollars in federal grants, including money to expand broadband access in rural communities and build a new VA hospital in Reno.

She also successfully passed legislation to combat drug smuggling, recruit and retain more police officers, train more nurses and in-home care providers, make childcare more affordable, expand opportunities for STEM training and workforce development and support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

All the while, she has been a champion of ensuring robust access to healthcare, defending women’s rights, taking meaningful action on climate change and passing sensible gun control laws.

In short, Rosen has proven herself to be an independent thinker who is among the hardest working lawmakers in Washington D.C. She delivers meaningful legislation on issues that matter to Nevadans. She’s the kind of leader the Silver State should have in Washington. In fact, she’s the kind of leader every state should have. We endorse her without reservation.

U.S. Senate Republican Primary: GARN MABEY

Put simply, Garn Mabey is the only candidate in the GOP primary who is not a MAGA extremist or election denier. Rather, he is a rare representative of the old guard of big tent Republican politics who promotes traditional conservative values and small government conservative policy positions.

His specific policy positions include increasing opportunities for career and technical education and training programs, housing-first homelessness policies, and developing robust mass transit systems.

While he may not have the same level of name recognition as Sam Brown, he also doesn’t have the same track record of extremism, support for Yucca Mountain or questionable ethics.

U.S. House District 1 Republican Primary: FLEMMING LARSEN

We endorsed Flemming Larsen in his 2022 run for Assembly District 12 and continue to believe that he is a moderate and sensible Republican who can build relationships across the political spectrum. Republicans would be served well by having Larsen as a candidate for a prominent office heading into the November general election.

U.S. House District 3 Democratic Primary: SUSIE LEE*

Susie Lee has emerged as the kind of consensus-driven leader Americans say they want and which our democracy desperately needs. Lee is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus and was recognized as the single most bipartisan members of Congress by the Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University. She deserves a third term and the opportunity to assume greater leadership roles.

U.S. House District 4 Democratic Primary: STEVENHORSFORD*

Horsford just completed his fourth term in the House and has risen to become the chair of the powerful Congressional Black Caucus. He has also become a champion for affordable housing, a strong advocate for technical education and job training programs and ensuring access to affordable healthcare for all. He is the model for effective and forward-thinking leaders and deserves another term in Congress where he will be a powerful voice for all Nevadans.

U.S. House District 4 Republican Primary: BRUCE FRAZEY

Frazey is a moderate who wants to return the Republican party to the “big tent” rhetoric of the past. He acknowledges the existence of systemic inequality and has challenged people of faith, like him, to use their beliefs as a guiding force, “not a system to be forced on others.” He speaks frequently of the bipartisan compromise that Rosen, Lee and the Democrats in the Nevada delegation have shown is necessary to get things done.

Congressional races in which no candidate earned our endorsem*nt:

U.S. Congress, District 3

Republican Primary

Nevada State Senate

District 1 Democratic Primary: CLARA THOMAS

Thomas is a current Assemblywoman whom we endorsed in 2022 in her run for Assembly District 17. She has proven to be an independent thinker who puts people above politics.

District 3 Democratic Primary: ROCHELLE NGUYEN*

An unconventional incumbent who was appointed to serve in the Senate following a four-year stint in the Assembly, Nguyen has worked quickly to build strong relationships that have enabled her to quickly become an effective leader.

District 4 Democratic Primary: DINA NEAL*

With 11 years in the Assembly and four years in the Senate under her belt, Dina Neal is among the most accomplished and respected leaders in the Nevada Senate.

District 5 Democratic Primary (Dual Endorsem*nt): JENNIFER ATLAS and CHRISTIAN BISHOP

Atlas has built strong relationships with nonprofit and elected leaders across the state, while Bishop has built strong relationships with a diverse array of local community leaders within his district. Both candidates would make excellent legislators and challengers to incumbent Republican Carrie Ann Buck.

District 5 Republican Primary: CARRIE ANN BUCK*

We have questions about Buck’s support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as well as her voting record on anti-discrimination bills However, Buck has proven herself an effective leader with intriguing ideas on K-12 education.

District 11 Republican Primary: LORI ROGICH

Rogich built a name for herself fighting CCSD over discrimination against students with learning disabilities. Now she wants to take her passion for education to Carson City.She was one of the few candidates who offered detailed policy proposals including a universal screening process to identify struggling readers and evidence-based curriculum changes.

District 18 Republican Primary: JOHN STEINBECK

Steinbeck is a firefighter who, by all appearances, believes in compromise and principles of good governance.

Nevada Senate races in which no candidate earned our endorsem*nt:

District 6 – Republican Party

District 18 – Democratic Primary

District 19 – Republican Primary

Nevada State ASSEMBLY

District 7 Democratic Primary: TANYA FLANAGAN

Flanagan is an accomplished professional with an impressive track record of advocating for the people of Clark County. We are excited to see what she can accomplish in Carson City.

District 9 Democratic Primary: STEVE YEAGER*

Steve Yeager became the speaker of the Nevada Assembly in 2022, where he was forced to navigate the pitfalls of a divided government. He rose to the occasion and is deserving of another term.

District 10 Democratic Primary: VENISE L. KARRIS

Karris is a journeyman wireman who quite literally helped build the current Las Vegas Strip. Her strong ties to the district and decades of relationships with tradespeople make her an excellent choice to represent this blue-collar district.

District 11 Democratic Primary: CINTHIA MOORE

As a Latina immigrant whose family moved to the Valley more than 30 years ago, Moore has a unique insider’s perspective on the challenges facing Nevada’s large immigrant and first-generation communities. Combined with her excellent track record as an environmental justice advocate, that makes Moore exactly the type of legislator needed in Carson City.

District 11 Republican Primary: JEFFREY A. LUSTICK

We may not agree with all of his proposals, but Lutsick’s knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to think outside the box to solve real-world issues are palpable.

District 16 Democratic Primary: CECELIA GONZÁLEZ*

We have good reasons for repeatedly endorsing Gonzalez over multiple election cycles. She is a staunch advocate for education, including vocational and technical training opportunities and she cares deeply about healthy communities, including treatment for mental health and substance abuse—all of which are important issues that require strong advocates.

District 42 Democratic Primary: TRACY BROWN-MAY*

A champion for the working class, Tracy Brown-May has a track record of success in Carson City, including legislation to eliminate sub-minimum wage for people with intellectual and other disabilities. That’s servant leadership at its finest.

Nevada Assembly races in which no candidate earned our endorsem*nt:

District 5 Republican Primary

District 6 Democratic Primary

District 12 Republican Primary

District 16 Republican Primary

District 21 Republican Primary

District 29 Republican Primary

District 34 Republican Primary

District 41 Republican Primary

District 42 Republican Primary


Regent State University District 1: CARLOS D. FERNANDEZ

Fernandez is an experienced leader and executive director of the Nevada chapter of the American Institute of Architects. More importantly, he is also a graduate and former employee of UNLV, giving him personal knowledge and experience as both a student and employee of NSHE’s largest campus.

Regent State University District 4: AARON BAUTISTA

Aaron Bautista is a public-school teacher and advocate for Nevada’s community colleges. He provided detailed policy proposals that are worth exploring, including a pilot program to allow all students to attend a college course for free to help them see what the college experience is like.


Nevada State Board of Education District 3: RENE CANTU

Rene Cantu is an incumbent being forced to run in a new district due to redistricting. As the founding executive director of Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates, he has direct experience helping high school students identify successful educational and career pathways. He also provided some of the most thoughtful answers to our candidate questionnaire among any candidate for any office, connecting seemingly unrelated topics to his role in higher education.


Clark County School Board Trustee District A (Dual Endorsem*nt): MERCEDES MCKINLEY and ANNA BINDER

Four of the five candidates for District A (the exception being Rachel Ann Puaina) are qualified to hold the office. However, Mercedes McKinley stands out as the only candidate to work in the classroom as a CCSD educator and the only candidate who provided us with detailed information about her policy aspirations once in office.

Anna Binder stands out for her years of active involvement in public K-12 education at the state and local level, as well as for her fierce advocacy on behalf of teachers.

Clark County School Board Trustee


Eileen Eady is a former teacher who has earned the trust and respect of numerous nonprofit and educational leaders, as well as our endorsem*nt.

Clark County School Board Trustee District C: EVELYN GARCIA MORALES*

Evelyn Garcia Morales is the incumbent President and one of the few stabilizing forces on the CCSD Board of Trustees over the past two years. If she hopes to earn our endorsem*nt in the future, she must demonstrate her ability to bring order to the chaos at CCSD.

County Commissioner District C Democratic Primary: SHANNON BILBRAY-AXELROD

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod is a current assemblywoman who has proven herself a capable leader and fierce advocate for families, women, veterans, and seniors. That type of advocacy is needed on the Clark County Commission.

County Commissioner District C Republican Primary: THOMAS WAGNER

A retired Metro police detective sergeant, Thomas Wagner was nominated twice for police officer of the year. He is active in civic and charitable life and regularly collaborates across ideological and partisan lines for the benefit of the community.



The first mayoral race without a Goodman in more than two decades saw a wealth of capable and qualified candidates who have served their communities with distinction. However, former U.S. Representative Shelley Berkley has repeatedly proven that her knowledge, experience and commitment to the people of Southern Nevada are unmatched.


Ward 1: Brian Knudsen*

Ward 3: Olivia Diaz*

Both incumbents broke barriers when they earned their seats on the Las Vegas City Council, Knudsen as the first openly gay member and Diaz as the first Latina. Both have proven to be thoughtful leaders, effective policymakers and dedicated ambassadors for the wards they represent.


Ward 2: Ruth Garcia Anderson*

Ruth Garcia Anderson is an incumbent who was appointed in 2022 and has served her community with distinction. She deserves another term in office. However, Lamont Riley’s response to our candidate survey demonstrated an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge about his community that would benefit any municipal council.

HENDERSON CITY COUNCIL (Nonpartisan office)

Ward 1: Jim Seebock*

Ward 2: Dan K. Shaw*

Ward 3: Dan H. Stewart*

Despite leading Nevada’s second-largest city through a continued period of unprecedented growth, the three incumbents in the race for Henderson City Council did not rest on their laurels or assume that they were entitled to their seats. Instead, they have remained active in the communities they represent, worked to identify new priorities moving forward and provided thoughtful policy-driven responses to our endorsem*nt questionnaire. All three should be returned to office.

BOULDER CITY COUNCIL (two at-large seats available)

Daniel Patterson

Matt Fox*

Sherri Jorgensen*


Clark County School Board Trustee - District E

County Commissioner, District A – Republican Primary

City of Las Vegas Council, Ward 5

Municipal Court Judge, Dept. 5, City Of Las Vegas

*= incumbents

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2024 primary election endorsem*nts (2024)
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